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New Google Tests Suggest Change Come Fast

20 June 2011 BY

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Again some new Google tests have been found ‘in the wild’. The tests again are focused on the design. This time the changes came from around the globe, not just the US, which suggests they might be more than ‘just’ tests and that we could be seeing these changes go through a lot quicker than you might expect.

The biggest changes to the design in the tests which came out were the drop of the “I’m feeling lucky” button and the grey area on top and on the left in the text from the sidebar and a blue search icon. Some changes have been seen before which also is an indication that Google is getting more serious with this.

The changes which can be seen in the tests:

1. I’m (not) feeling lucky

The I’m feeling lucky button for a long time simply was a “fun” item, which wasn’t used very much. With the arrival of Instant the button became even more useless. In the redesign Google seems to be wanting to “kill” the button entirely.

2. Search icon

Instead of the button with the word “Search” at the end of the searchbar Google now is going for a magnifier in a blue box.

3. Grey area on top

The search bar area now seems to be more emphasized by a grey area around it.

4: Grey text in sidebar

Some eyetracking research data shows the left sidebar is pretty much ignored by many. Maybe because it doesn’t stand out. Now Google is trying to give it a ‘different’ feeling than the results by making them grey instead of blue.

5: Urls right below the result titles

Something which has been tested before returns in this page. The urls are usually put below the snippet. In this test the results are above the snippets, just below the title. Seeing that this is now tested multiple times in different designs I think we can really expect this to go through.

6: Voice button

After their announcement last week of Google Voice Search on desktop an icon with a microphone in it has appeared within the searchbox indicating that if you click on that you can talk to Google and give them your query by voice.

Like I said, there have been many “sightings” of the new design around the globe which indicates we might actually be seeing this one come through. The ‘redesign’ stays close to the original Google we all know and are mostly subtle changes which I think can actually mean an improvement. What do you think?

Thanks to Websonic and Searchengineland


Bas van den Beld is a speaker, trainer and online marketing strategist. Bas is the founder of -- You can hire Bas to speak, train or consult.
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