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Developing Personas - Audience - State of Digital

Case Study: Developing Personas: B2C in a B2B World

Understanding your customers helps you to market to them in a way that suits them. RUssell O Sullivan explores...
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Fighting the Fear

People are held back by fear. It is not real but it can still prevent us from achieving our...
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Email v Social Media

What drives more traffic to your site, Email or Social Media?

When it comes to driving website visitors, which channel is more effective: email or social media? Russell O'Sullivan looks...
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Watch Now: FREE Blogging Webinar ‘Make Blogging Easy’ with Bas van den Beld

Learn how to make blogging easy for you or your business with a one hour webinar presented by Bas...
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Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 11 2014

An overview of research published around the web around Digital Marketing topics. Week 11 of 2014.
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The FREE #SMX E-book is here! Get it Now!

State of Digital published an e-book on the presentations delivered at SMX London 2014. Get the book now!
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Meet our new Chief: Sam Noble!

1 week ago

Sam Noble, Marketing Director at Koozai, joins Bas van den Beld as new Chief Editor of State of Digital.

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Google Fusion Tables

Locate Your Audience in Minutes with Google Fusion Tables

1 week ago

Reach your customers where they are by using accurate geographic location targeting. In this post Polly Pospelova shows how...

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