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Here’s what brings you to State of Digital & How do you learn?

3 July 2015

What is it that brings you to State of Digital? Read the results of the survey here.

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The Scarcest Resource of the 21st century is human attention

Creative Content Ideas; Learning from the Professionals

2 July 2015

Generating ideas for quality content is increasingly hard to do. Sarah Kershaw shares a range of useful content tips from journalists and PR professionals.

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picture 1

Anatomy of an Organic Content Marketing Effort

1 July 2015

How do you come up with a successful content marketing campaign? Kristjan Mar Hauksson takes us through a real-life example featuring excavators and hotdogs.

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Commentary: 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started a Digital Business

1 July 2015

Starting a business isn't easy. Maintaining a business is even more difficult. Lessons learned from those that have been there. Ben Norman shares his experiences.

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Michael Korkia

Global Marketing Strategy: How Approaches Russia

30 June 2015

This informative interview with Michael Korkia, senior marketing manager for, offers great insight for those optimizing foreign language websites and planning their marketing strategies in an international market...

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What do we do now

Review of Ranking Tracker Tool – RankTrackr and Two Experts Opinion on Keyword Rankings

29 June 2015

Is it important to track the rankings of keywords? Jo Turnbull interviews two well known experts in the search industry and asks their opinion as well as reviewing a...

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