Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 1 2014

Digital Marketing Research Publications for week 1 2014

3rd January 2014

State of Digital wants to provide you with the best information out there. And in Digital things keep changing all the time, so it’s difficult to keep up-to-date. But we are here to help you!

Every Friday we will be giving you an overview of research done around the world, published on the web somewhere. Research you can then use in your marketing efforts, whether it’s optimising a campaign or making sure your superiors will walk the route you plan to walk.

Here’s the overview of research in week 1 (with some research from 2013 there as well!)

Social Media

Facebook’s Cutesy Annual Report To Partners Reveals First Country-By-Country Mobile Stats

TechCrunch got a hold of an eMagazine send out by Facebook to some of it partners. The numbers in the magazine show Facebook’s international growth. Did you know 63% of French Internet users are on Facebook?


Minority of SMBs Plan to Use Twitter, YouTube Mobile Apps for Marketing This Year

According to Marketincharts Facebook mobile apps are the most popular apps in social networking for SMBs, Twitter and YouTube follow.



Final Online Shopping Week US statistics by ComScore

comScore looked at online shopping in the US in the Holiday season. It reported retail e-commerce spending from desktop computers, showing $42.8 billion has been spent online from desktop devices, an increase of 10 percent compared to a year earlier.


Email Marketing

Subject line test increases clickthrough rate 18%

A bit older (early December) this one, but still interesting. Marketingexperimentsblog tested what impact different subject lines in email can have. They found an 18% increase by changing the title.



Across Industries, Mobile Ad Spend Increases Dramatically – Emarketer

Emarketer reports on Mobile Ad spending and which industries spend the most. The pharmaceutical industry saw the most increase in mobile ad spending as of Q3 2013.


Holiday Mobile Progress Report: iPhone, Kindle, Surface Biggest Winners of Holiday Season – Chitika

Research from Ad Network Chitika shows most traffic during the holiday season went to the iPhone. Chitika also says the iPhone has a 54 percent traffic share and Android around 45 percent.


North American Microsoft Surface Usage Rises Sharply, Surpasses Barnes and Noble Nook – Chitika

Chitika looked specifically at the Microsoft Surface tablet and found a steady growth in usage. The Surface RT was Best Buy’s top selling device on Black Friday and Chitika is seeing growth in usage as well.


Older Mobile Users Adopt Tablets Around the World – Emarketer

Who thought mobile was only for the young is wrong. E-Marketer shows tablet penetration by older users is growing rapidly, showing mobile is hot everywhere!


Digital Commerce Remains a Largely Untapped Opportunity For Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are underestimating the e-commerce channel’s growth potential and consequently may be missing out on a substantial market opportunity, according to the first of a two part Deloitte study, “Digital Commerce in the Supermarket Aisle.”



China’s Internet Users Increase Weibo Logins

Research by E-marketer shows in China Weibo, a mobile microblogging service, is being used a lot through mobile.



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