Spain & Search Marketing: The 7th Edition

Hola! It’s time to do a recap covering the most important online marketing events in Spain, as well as those interesting SEO, Web Analytics and Social Media articles you don’t want to miss just because they’re in Spanish.

Despite the amazing (super hot) summer and the fact that a lot of people is already at the beach enjoying their summer vacations, there has been a lot happening lately in Spain, so here you have the carefully selected Top 10 (in no particular order):

1. WPO Tutorial by Darío Balbontín

Front End Web Speed Analysis

In this Web Performance Optimization guide, Darío Balbontín shares how to use tools like PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, WebPagetest, Load Impact and YSlow to improve your site speed.

Take a look: Original post in Spanish or Translated English

2. #SEOnTheBeach Conference: The Videos


I had the pleasure to speak at the 1st edition of SEOnTheBeach, a different type of SEO event, organized by Sico de Andrés literally on the beach (in La Manga) where the speakers and attendees wear shorts and besides sharing the latest about SEO, Web Analytics and Social Media there are games and parties.

You can also watch all of the event videos here: Video playlist in YouTube 

3. Online Marketing Tools by Ivo Campos

Online Marketing Tools

Ivo has done a great tool selection to help with your SEO, link building, content creation and management, social media, Web design, usability and Web analytics. I’m sure there should be at least one you haven’t tried. Don’t miss them!

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

4. How to validate an implementation of Google Analytics on a mobile site by Nicolás D’Angelo

Mobile Analytics

In this post, Nicolas explains how we can install and use the Android SDK to analyze the code and check the HTTP headers of a Mobile site, which can be very handy to validate the implementation of Google Analytics for your Mobile presence.

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

5. The challenge of big data and agile analytics by Gemma Vialcanet.

Big Data

This post introduces the concept of Big Data, what it means for online businesses and how an “agile analytics” approach can serve to make the most out of it, all with an interesting video of Pere Rovira speaking about this topic at Itnig Fridays.

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

6. Customer Journey: How your clients convert by Pepe Ortuño

Customer Journey

Pepe describes the path of a customer journey, previous, during and after buying and why it’s so important to identify the touch points for each phase.

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

7. An EMD Study by Dámaso Curto

EMD Study

Dámaso has analyzed a series of Google search results related to the “personalized gifts” business and how Exact Match Domains with little relevant content and value are still ranking in top positions.

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

8. #SEOpro Conference Coverage by Fernando Muñoz


On July 5, Miguel López organized the IV edition of “Congreso SEO Profesional“, better known as #SEOpro, one of the leading SEO conferences in Spain. Fernando Muñoz was there and covered the event with a series of posts about SEO in the travel sector, link building, how to strengthen an SEO process with an email marketing campaign, among other interesting topics.

Take a look at the Original posts in Spanish or the posts Translated to English

9. #ClinicSEO about Penalizations

ClinicSEO Penalizations

Another month passed and a new edition of ClinicSEO was organized. This edition was about penalizations, how to identify, analyze and get out of them, with Miguel Pascual from Interdigital, Jorge González and Felipe García from Adrenalina.

Watch the Event Video.

10. How to analyze your log files by Lino Uruñuela

Analyze Log Files

Lino published a super useful post explaining why it’s so important to understand how search bots (especially Google’s) crawl our sites and how we can use a series of Linux commands to analyze them.

Take a look at the Original post in Spanish or the post Translated to English

Do you have any other post, event or resource in Spanish that you want to share? Please do it so in the comments or let me know in Twitter!

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