The State of Travel – The Experts Speak: MSN Travel

In February we launched the ‘Travel 360 report’ together with Linkdex about the State of the Online Travel Industry. For that we talked to several different people within the industry to get a complete view of the industry. As a follow up Linkdex together with IonSearch organised a small event in which some of the experts told their stories.

This event gave more in depth insights into how the Travel Industry is evolving and into how some brands like Expedia, Thomas Cook and MSN Travel work. Some of the talks of this event are now available. In this series of videos, Martin MacDonald, John Straw, Mike McDougall, Rob Cowen and Gian Caprini share their thoughts on the travel sector and discuss topics such as cutting edge online marketing methodology and thinking.

You can see the video of MSN Travel’s EMEA SEO and Social Lead at Microsoft AMP Gian Caprini. The other videos can be accessed (after login) here for free.

Find the other videos (for free!) here.

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