Why You Should Stop Asking For Facebook Likes, and What to Do Instead

Recently it was announced that Facebook will be cracking down on pages explicitly asking for shares in an attempt to further fine tune their algorithm. In this post we look at the reasons why, and what you can do to effectively promote your Facebook page.

Why Is Facebook Punishing Pages Asking For Likes?

There is a huge amount of spam on Facebook, and also a lot of great content. Facebook’s algorithm has to try to define the two in the same way search engines do. Many spam posts will use link bait and ask for likes and shares, or promise users that doing so will somehow benefit a charity or other good cause.

Recently it was announced that Facebook will be cracking down on pages explicitly asking for shares in an attempt to further fine tune their algorithm.

If you read the Koozai blog you may have seen that this particular behaviour is a bugbear of mine, and the reasons why.

It stands to reason that pages with higher shares and likes must have good content which is more worthy of promotion. To ask users specifically to like posts and pages initially had a great effect on the reach of said page, but Facebook is wising up to these tactics and has found a way to slow the artificial inflation of a lot of the dross posted each day. This in turn should help elevate what it defines to be truly relevant and high quality content, improving the user experience.

Facebook Likes

There is of course another side to this. Recently Facebook have dramatically reduced exposure and reach to companies and business pages using this organic, and therefore free method to push them to use Facebook’s paid advertising service. Surprise surprise.

Facebook Likes

Standard link bait can be anything from a poor effort to get more genuine engagement for a page, through to scams to steal money from those wishing to do good. Even the genuine companies and pages doing this to gain maximum popularity are seldom doing themselves a favour, as they are rarely reaching their target audience effectively. It seems the Facebook strategy of many is to gain as many likes as possible without thinking about what benefit that may or may not hold in real terms for their company. This is a vanity metric that does not often increase business on its own.

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Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page the Right Way

  • Create and complete a Facebook business page, keeping in line with company branding
  • Build a strategy, and stick to it
  • Give users a reason to like your page. For example ‘to stay up to date with latest offers and competitions’
  • Update the page as frequently as fits your industry
  • If you have nothing to say, say nothing
  • Keep posts relevant to your brand, but do not only post your service or products repeatedly
  • Engage with users and other like minded companies regularly
  • Respond to all enquiries and messages promptly and with the voice of the company
  • Add social media buttons to every page of your website where they will be seen
  • Add links to your Facebook page to other social media platforms


By keeping your content fresh, relevant, and interesting, and focusing on your target audience you stand to create a Facebook page which will help promote your business, keep users engaging with you, and increasing profit instead of likes.




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