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Articles around 2010-2011


Bloggers highlight: Evert Veldhuijzen (@evertino)

27 December 2010

New year is getting closer which means it is time to give some attention to those who really make this blog: the bloggers. See what they wrote, look at...

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Bloggers highlight: Sam Murray (@sammurray)

24 December 2010

At the end of the  year I want to give some extra attention to those the bloggers from State of Search, after all, they really make this blog. I...

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Bloggers highlight: Nichola Stott (@nicholastott)

23 December 2010

2010 is ending and thus I want to talk a little about the bloggers from State of Search since they are the ones providing great content. I want to...

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Bloggers highlight: Louis Venter (@louisventer)

23 December 2010

Going up to the new year I decided it was time to give some attention to those who really make this blog: the bloggers. See what they wrote, look...

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Bloggers highlight: Lisa Myers (@lisadmyers)

22 December 2010

This blog’s success is built upon the content. And that content is provided by our blogging team. With the end of the year approaching I felt the time was...

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Guestpost: Optimising Online in 2011 – by Sri Sharma (@srisharma)

20 December 2010

This is a guestpost by Sri Sharma (@srisharma), managing director at Net Media Planet, in this post he provides his advice on the key developments in search to watch...

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Google’s 2010 acquisitions tell us its all about Mobile and Social

13 December 2010

You can tell a lot about what a person is like by what he or she buys. That is one of the things Blippy for example believes. That goes...

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Google Zeitgeist 2010

12 December 2010

Google is letting us know what we’ve searched for again. Every country gets their own “Zeitgeist”. And off course there’s also a world wide one:

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Bing in 2010

15 February 2010

Google has nothing short of a strangle-hold on the search engine marketplace. In the UK for example, the last few months has seen Google market share at around 90%,...

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