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Articles around acquisitions


What Google Knows About You

14 January 2014

Google knows a lot about you. Want to know what and how? Here's how Google gathers information about you and your friends.

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Google Acquisitions 2011: Courtroom & Boardroom (infographic)

16 September 2011

Google keeps on expanding. Their latest acquisition Zagat opens up the review- and restaurant business for Google. This acquisition might very well be much more important than many realize....

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Yahoo is back baby! Executive opens attacks at Google and predicts purchases

29 March 2011

Yahoo seems to be gearing up. With the launch of Search Direct last week it clearly showed it has not given up on search just yet. But the former...

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Google buys BeatThatQuote and is buying its way into the comparison market (Update)

8 March 2011

Comparison, it has one of the hottest subjects on the web for years. Try to compare a holiday and you’ll find tons of comparison websites. Try to compare one...

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Google’s acquisitions (infographic)

29 August 2010

I’ve been thinking about what would be a nice infographic to make, one which actually had some use, next to getting the link attention for which many of them...

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