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Google Update affecting local Australian rankings?

6 May 2013

Reports are floating around Australian shores that a recent Google update may have rolled out a double whammy impact, targeting both the devaluation of spammy links as well as...

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Google Algorithm Changes in One View

2 April 2012

A great overview of all the major changes and updates Google has done to their algorithm in the past 14 years.

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Google Decides Where You Should Put Your Ads, But What About Their Own Pages?

20 January 2012

Who owns your website? On paper it is you. Because you are the one who is putting the content on your pages. In a perfect world you would however...

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Are We Controlled by Algorithms?

2 September 2011

I think that it is not exaggerated when I say that many people in search are obsessed by algorithms. One little change by Google makes that many people in...

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How Does The Google Algorithm Work? 500 Changes Last Year

29 August 2011

How does the Google Algorithm really work? Wouldn't we all like to know.A useful video to understand how Google looks at the algorithm.

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