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Articles around Analytics

Super CMO

Everything a CMO Must Know About the Digital Marketing Landscape

8 July 2014

It can be very hard to bring classic marketing CMOs on board with digital marketing. Here are some aspects of digital marketing that you can use to create buy-in...

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SEO & Beyond: Tools of the Trade – #SMXSydney #SEOTools

28 May 2014

A roundup of some of the best tools highlighted at SMX Sydney this year, covering everything from Excel tips to Content Marketing.

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ducksboard tv mode

Real-time Business Dashboards: What, Why and How?

3 April 2014

Annabel Hodges reviews some of the popular real-time-business dashboards that are making waves with companies of all sizes as they bring data together in a single view.

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Digital advertising target adtechANZ

#adtechANZ Keynote Day 2: Australia Digital Future in Focus 2014

19 March 2014

Annabel Hodges covers Day 2's keynote, with Gian Fulgoni from comScore discussing the future of digital advertising from targeting to measurement.

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Jacinta Walker - Saleforce - SESLon Day 3

Using Data to Drive Online Marketing Decisions – #seslon

12 March 2014

Using Data to Drive Online Marketing Decisions - SES London 2014

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Facebook and Call Tracking sitting in a tree..

Can You Use Call Tracking in your Social Media Marketing?

11 March 2014

Can you use Call Tracking effectively in your social media marketing? Sarah Bradley for State of Digital gives some hints and tips.

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Google Analytics Content Grouping: Why Are You Not Using It?

6 March 2014

Annabel Hodges gives a quick introduction to Content Grouping, and why it should already be a part of your Google Analytics dashboard.

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Paid Search Analytics SES London

SES London Day 2 – Paid Search Analytics and Multi Touch Attribution Analysis #SESLon

19 February 2014

Krystian recaps the the PPC analytics session of Day 3 SES London. Yehoshua Coren and Sam Noble talk about connecting reporting abilities of AdWords and Analytics to gain...

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How to Analyse, Optimise & Automate Multi-Channel ROI Calculations

4 February 2014

Polly Pospelova from Delete shows how to analyse, optimise and automate ROI calculations by creating a universal dashboard to monitor multi-channel CPC.

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6 Google Analytics Custom Dashboards To Save You Time NOW!

31 December 2013

Ned Poulter talks about the 6 most useful Google Analytics Custom Dashboards he has discovered. Read his post to find out how to get the most out of your...

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