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Articles around Andy Atkins-Krueger


International SEO School Opens in Barcelona

18 May 2012

This week at the International Search Summit London Webcertain, the leading international SEO company who also organize the ISS, launched the "International SEO School" in Barcelona to give marketers...

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Andy Atkins Kruger: “everything that’s written about Yandex from an SEO perspective is wrong”

13 June 2011

Andy Atkins Kruger knows all about international search. And so he knows all about Yandex. The Russian Search Engine is growing rapidly and is doing some pretty interesting things...

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Why International Search is on the Agenda

13 April 2011

SMX is taking international search seriously and adding the International Search Summit to its conference programme. ISS @ SMX London is taking place on 18th May, providing a more...

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International Search Summit Berlin: laws of international search marketing, KLM and international video

11 June 2010

To be honest, I was a bit shocked, when I entered the room for the first International Search Summit in Berlin this Monday. About 10 attendees were waiting for...

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