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Articles around Bing


Facebook New Feature: The start of a Beautiful Friendship (Page)?

9 November 2010

Facebook have released a new, slightly creepy feature, apparently around a week ago. I’m not sure if this is a phased roll-out, or if I’m just not watching closely...

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Bing integrates Facebook into their search: the next step in social search integration

14 October 2010

It was clear that anytime soon something was going to happen between Bing and Facebook. Microsoft and Facebook already were working together on the search inside Facebook, but last...

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(Bada) Bing has done it again: Street Slide in Bing Maps, amazing

29 July 2010

I’ve spoken before, and expressed my admiration with it, about Bing Maps and what they are doing. The use of Streetside in Bing was a huge step forward for...

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Battle of the World Cup SERPs

14 June 2010

The World Cup, the biggest sports event on the planet, is underway! And because I’ve always wanted to do a sports-themed blog post, I’ve compared the “world cup” SERPs...

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All flights cancelled because of volcano: how can you help?

16 April 2010

Europe has been ‘hit’ with a natural disaster this week. In Iceland a volcano burst leaving not only about 700 people homeless, it also left people stranded all over...

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“You won’t win it with a single website anymore, you just won’t” – Search: where to next panel

23 March 2010

Where is search going? At SES New York a panel with Stefan Weitz (Bing), Larry Cornett (Yahoo), Brett Tabke (Yahoo) and Robert Murray (iProspect) try to answer that question.

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SEO and the Multi-layered Search Experience

22 March 2010

There is a pervasive mindset in the internet community that search engines such as Google are an entirely different class of website. Instead of a destination in and of...

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Will Bings TV campaign make an impact on search market share?

12 March 2010

Microsoft announced on Monday that they are to launch a multi-million pound TV campaign for Bing to challenge Google’s dominance within the UK. The first ad is now available...

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The Real Time Hype: take it or leave it?

11 March 2010

Search is changing rapidly. Search Engines are looking at user intent and what users want. And speed is one thing which users want badly. Get information as fast as...

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Why Bartz Won’t Sell Yahoo! (Just Yet)

10 March 2010

It is no secret that Microsoft wants this business, and those who have been in the industry will recall previous attempts, most significantly the shennanigans of 2008, which saw...

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