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Articles around Bing


Bing takes first steps on the continent: launches in France: Bonjour!

1 March 2011

We have been complaining about it, we have been asking Bing’s director Stefan Weitz: when will Bing finally make the step and go onto the European mainland. Now finally...

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London SES – Yahoo and Bing – A competitive choice in search

22 February 2011

Yahoo and Microsoft search alliance overview was covered by Jon Myers from Yahoo and Mark Richardson from Miscrosoft UK. Mark started by showing the video below.

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What would you ask Bing’s boss Stefan Weitz?

15 February 2011

The State of Search Radioshow is becoming more popular every week. And not just with the listeners, also with the guests. They are lining up to be part of...

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We’re tired of Google, it’s time for a change

12 January 2011

Let’s face it: Google rules search. With a market share in most European countries of well over 90%, Google is as close to a search engine monopoly as you...

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Predictions for 2010, how did we do?

3 January 2011

First of all: Happy New Year! I hope 2011 will be the best year we have all ever seen. 2011 has started. It’s the first Monday of the New...

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What Bing needs to bring to the table in 2011

22 December 2010

Last monday I had an interesting discussion on Twitter with Paul van Oosterhout and Bart Schuijt about Bing. We were discussing what Bing would need to become a good...

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Bing starts chase: updates on Maps, Local, Mobile, Travel, Image Search and Facebook

16 December 2010

If you live in or near San Francisco you can attend a lot of great conferences, gatherings or press events. One place I would have liked to have been...

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Search and social: A match made in heaven?

29 November 2010

Its not very often that search marketing makes the likes of the BBC news, however it was interesting to see the BBC website run a story this week stating...

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Facebook New Feature: The start of a Beautiful Friendship (Page)?

9 November 2010

Facebook have released a new, slightly creepy feature, apparently around a week ago. I’m not sure if this is a phased roll-out, or if I’m just not watching closely...

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Bing integrates Facebook into their search: the next step in social search integration

14 October 2010

It was clear that anytime soon something was going to happen between Bing and Facebook. Microsoft and Facebook already were working together on the search inside Facebook, but last...

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