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Articles around books


What Baby Books Can Teach Us About SEO

25 September 2012

Baby books can remind us of the most basic principles of SEO, focus and simplicity: Never forget the basics!

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Awesome Marketing and Business Books – Recommended by the State of Search Team

19 June 2012

Looking for some reading material for the summer? The State of Search team has compiled a list of great marketing and business books for you

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Book Review: Global Search Engine Marketing by Kristjan Hauksson and Anne Kennedy

3 May 2012

A review of the book "Global Search Engine Marketing" by Kristjan Hauksson and Anne Kennedy, a book about search marketing around the world

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Friday Talk: Lawrence Lessig at Google

6 January 2012

In this Friday Talk we enter the Google Plex, where many authors come and visit and talk about their books. One of these authors was Lawrence Lessig, who wrote...

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Critical thinking

Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO – an ebook by Doc Sheldon

1 September 2011

I’m a total sucker for marketing ebooks, having downloaded my fair share of corkers (and stinkers) in my time. There’s definitely something to be said for the format of...

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Review: Ontolo – The Linkbuilding Book

22 August 2011

As our connections to each other are the stuff of human relationships, so are links between sites the very stuff of the web. I was therefore overjoyed to read...

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Google Makes Surprising Book Deal with French Publisher Hachette

8 August 2011

To be really honest, I kind of figured that the Google Book project to digitize the books world wide would die a slow death after Google saw a settlement...

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Thinking Online books

The 5 Best SEO Books That Aren’t About SEO

5 May 2011

I get asked quite often what beginning SEOs need to do to become advanced practitioners of our craft. Specifically they want to know which books to read. There are...

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Social Media Marketing by Li Evans - cover

Book review: Social Media Marketing by Li Evans (@storyspinner)

3 March 2011

There are many books out there about search and social media. Which one to read? Do they all tell the truth? Is there one book out there which hands...

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Understanding Search Engines

4 August 2010

What we commonly refer to as Search Engine Optimisation is something which I relate to treatment of a disease. The various treatments of SEO, from title tags and headers...

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