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Articles around brandbuilding


Ranking Matters? Some Additional Key SEO Metrics

6 May 2010

There has been a lot of thought-provoking debate and discussion of late, (both here and elsewhere) around the issue of the importance and validity of keyword ranking as a...

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Can you buy your visitors?

21 April 2010

Money is what makes the world go around. And money could also be the trigger for many to take a step they otherwise might not have taken that easy...

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7 tips on running a group blog

19 April 2010

Running a group blog seems easy but you have to think of a couple of things. To make it really successful you need to put some effort in it....

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Brand SEO: Tips for building equity off-site

13 April 2010

We’ve all heard how important it is to “own your page one” and “lock out your brand SERP” and suchlike. I am a big believer in brand SEO myself,...

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Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights – Part 2

9 April 2010

Part two of the "Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights" covers the methods these affiliates use to hide their strategies and how you can monitor your brand to find out...

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Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights – Part 1

8 April 2010

Using brands as keywords in Google Adwords and hijacking brand terms of merchants. It happens and not just with affiliates. How does it work and what are tips and...

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How to build a solid brand using the mix of social media and marketing

22 February 2010

Its the mistake a lot of brands make when starting to use social media-tools: they believe that immediately success will come. Social media is not just about using social...

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