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Articles around branding


7 Essential Elements to a Brand DNA Piece

1 August 2016

Brand is hugely important for any company. A strong brand distinguishes you from your competitors, acts as a mark of consistency and quality, and ensures that everyone within your...

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Budweiser America

12 Tips for Executing a Successful Rebrand

22 June 2016

Rebrands can make big headlines and offer brands fresh starts, but they also come at the expense of brand and search equity. Lisa Lacy looks at when it makes...

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Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You – Book Review

3 February 2016

Personal Branding is important! That's why Mel Carson wrote a book on it. A review of Mel Carson's new book "Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New...

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Career in Digital Marketing

How to get a job or progress your career in digital marketing

19 November 2015

Digital marketing can be an incredible industry to work in. Find out how to get your first job or progress your career with these tips from Gordon Campbell.

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SOD- calls

What PR Tools Can’t Teach You About Pitching

25 June 2015

What PR tools can't teach you about pitching and how you can build relationships with journalists. Jodie Harris shares some vital tips and advice.

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The Price of Off Brand Digital PR

12 March 2015

Ensuring your marketing efforts, in any field, is aligned with the brand’s tone and ethos is the first box to tick when planning promotional work. As Digital PRs who...

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Brand Concept Blackboard

Brand Names: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

7 May 2014

Choosing the right name for a business is vital. This post looks at some of the leading brands and the mistakes they made with the brand names and how...

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White Paper: A Guide to Monitoring Your Brand Online

10 March 2014

It is now more important than ever for you to protect and monitor your brand name online. This whitepaper will help you take the right steps.

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Cannon A Year in Fashion

The Blogger and the Brand

24 February 2014

Bloggers have become more important in the past few years. Jodie Harris provides a commentary on the relational evolution between brands and bloggers.

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SES Becomes Clickz Live: Moving Away from Search or Breaking Down Silos?

22 November 2013

The SES Conferences rebrand to Clickz Live, another sign of the search industry moving closer to the general digital marketing industry. An analysis.

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