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Page’s first days in office: Product chief Jonathan Rosenberg resigns

5 April 2011

Starting this week things at Google are different. We’ve known for a few months now that Eric Schmidt would be stepping down as CEO and Larry Page would be...

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Google is taking political steps towards EU regulators

8 February 2011

We’ve said it before, we will be missing Eric Schmidt when he finally steps down as CEO of Google in a few months. But he is still here. And...

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Yandex sees huge growth: 43% revenue increase in a year

19 January 2011

It’s that time of the year again! We are seeing numbers from all the major companies world wide, including the search engines. This Thursday Google will announce their numbers....

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The Business of SEO

22 November 2010

SEO is a bit of an odd duck in the total mix of online marketing, as it's one of the more difficult digital disciplines to quantify and measure.

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A few things you need to know before you can SEO

4 November 2010

Search engine optimization is a business that’s still growing. Awareness within companies of the existence of SEO is still growing. More and more companies realize the potential value and...

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Launching an Affiliate Business on a ShoeString – A4U Expo London 2010

13 October 2010

Dixon Jones – MajesticSEO and Steve Brown of ShareMyPlaylists It’s the “doing it in your bedroom session”, is Dixon’s opener. (Cool!) Dixon hands over to Steve, who tells us...

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Google’s acquisitions (infographic)

29 August 2010

I’ve been thinking about what would be a nice infographic to make, one which actually had some use, next to getting the link attention for which many of them...

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SEO’s are going to end up more hated than traffic wardens and estate agents

9 August 2010

I’m as guilty of anyone of using a headline full of hyperbole then writing an article much more reserved, but in this case I’m being completely honest. Unless the...

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State of UK Search: Guava and Econsultancy Launch 4th Annual Report

4 June 2010

Yesterday afternoon was a hot one in the city. I was making my way through Soho Square towards the Groucho Club, for the launch of the fourth annual Search...

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Google wants us to know they make the US money

31 May 2010

It’s not a secret that Google has a high influence on many companies world wide. Many (smaller) companies rely on Google Advertising and on Google search for their business....

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