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2015-08-10 15.06.32

The Two Reasons Most Marketing Campaigns Fail

10 August 2015

Most marketing campaigns fail. What will always decide on failure of success: how well you understand your audience and how good your end product or service really is.

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Maybe The “New” Adwords Doesn’t Really Make Life Easier

7 February 2013

Google announced new ways of working with Adwords which should make life easier, but does it really make life easier? Maybe not.

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Ranking Matters? Some Additional Key SEO Metrics

6 May 2010

There has been a lot of thought-provoking debate and discussion of late, (both here and elsewhere) around the issue of the importance and validity of keyword ranking as a...

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Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights – Part 2

9 April 2010

Part two of the "Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights" covers the methods these affiliates use to hide their strategies and how you can monitor your brand to find out...

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Brand bidding & Ad-Hijacking insights – Part 1

8 April 2010

Using brands as keywords in Google Adwords and hijacking brand terms of merchants. It happens and not just with affiliates. How does it work and what are tips and...

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