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Articles around content marketing


On Striving for Simplicity

24 July 2013

Aged 21 I got my first job in marketing for Ladbrokes. The title of Marketing Assistant was bestowed upon me as were a frighteningly large stack of real, honest...

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4 Incredible Content Marketing Case Studies From

9 July 2013

Clarissa Sajbl shares some of the best content she found on

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Guest Posting is killing Great Content

9 July 2013

That is a very sensational title, I know, but what I have seen in the last few weeks is nothing short of this. The tactic of guest posting for...

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Shortterm-ism; the Biggest Barrier to SEO

13 June 2013

Google is taking link spam seriously – and if a recent tweet from Matt Cutts is anything to go by, updates such as Penguin are going to become better...

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Defining Great Content: Live from #SMXAdvanced

12 June 2013

What is great content? We are told we need it all the time, but how do you define it? How can you come up with or spot the next...

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smarter-content-featured Aims to Bring the Best Content Together

3 June 2013

Linkdex launces, a platform which needs to bring together the best content on the web.

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Changes ahead

Are Brand-Owned Channels the Future of Content Marketing?

29 May 2013

With Google penalising sponsored links and guest posts, an options for brands to get their content in front of an audience is to build their own channel.

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All the Presidents Men

7 Things I learnt at the London School of Journalism

22 May 2013

Ben Holbrook took a journalism course and now shows you how old-school journalism tactics can be used to enhance your content marketing efforts.

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3D User Content Crossword

Key Considerations for International Content Creation

25 April 2013

Creating decent content in multiple languages is going to take time and cost money, but doing it right will bring rewards.

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Creating Content For Online Stores (when people don’t really read)

16 April 2013

Content is on top of every digital marketer’s priority list. We need to design sites in a way that users can easily scan the copy to improve user experience

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