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Articles around copywriting


The Real Truth About the First Few Years in Digital Marketing

4 August 2015

So, you’ve heard of Confessions of a Shopaholic and Confessions of a Call Girl. Well now it’s time for the turn of the digital copywriters, and the honest ramblings...

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Words That Can Make You Sound Smarter

27 May 2014

Online marketers are publishers and content creators, improve your content writing skills and verbal communication by using these common words correctly

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Reading Glasses

5 Easy, Text-Only Tricks To Get Your Articles Read

9 April 2014

A compelling headline or image may get you a click, but most people don't read much more than that. Use word-based tactics to compel them to keep reading.

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7 tips on running a group blog

19 April 2010

Running a group blog seems easy but you have to think of a couple of things. To make it really successful you need to put some effort in it....

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SEO copywriting: mythbusting & takeaways

18 March 2010

The session “SEO copywriting: mythbusting & takeaways” had high expectations, at least from my end. And the two speakers, David Brinks and Ramon Eijkemans lived up to those expectations....

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