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Articles around data


Will Data Save Us? & the Viral Perspective #RIMC2014

2 April 2014

Will Big Data Save Us? Ajit Sivadasan from Lenovo discusses unstructured data and how to target to get max ROI and The Viral Perspective from Matthias - Youtube Sensation...

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Hollywood repeats

#adtechANZ: Emotional Intelligence: Balancing Data and Creativity

18 March 2014

Annabel Hodges covers a talk by Ben Cooper focusing on the potential loss of creativity in a data driven world, and its impact on marketing trends.

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Adtech Sydney - Data Disruption

#adtechANZ Keynote: Data Disruption – The Next Five Years

18 March 2014

Annabel Hodges covers Tim Trumper's talk at Ad:Tech Sydney on data, its importance and common themes over the next five years.

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Friday Commentary: Data Insights Or Cornflakes – What do you Base your Decisions on?

28 February 2014

An insight is actually a source of information and is not data points. It is obtained by the analysis of data that directly impacts the business. Analysts thrive on...

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Neil Walker’s Data Download July 2013

11 July 2013

What happens if you download the data from a whole bunch of Analytics Accounts? You get a snippet of the data Google has, but still some good direction.

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Structured Data and How It can Improve Mobile Search Results

1 July 2013

Anything to improve the ‘look’ of mobile results will make it much more appealing to a mobile searcher, and drive up the CTR.

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Social Influence Scoring, Big Data and Why ‘Author Rank’ May Never Exist

12 June 2013

A look at social influence scoring vs. Google's massive data set, concluding that what Google has on its users supersedes any notion of 'Author Rank'.

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brightonseo logo

Social Structured Data Is Your Friend: Alex Moss at #BrightonSEO

15 April 2013

BrightonSEO kicked off in style with its first session on 'On-Site' optimisation. Alex Moss took us through his tips for using structured data for social media distribution

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Google+ sign in: Google is Getting Even More Data

27 February 2013

Google introduces Google+ sign in, a way of getting more traction for Google+ and getting more data from the users. But you should still use it.

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Thinking Customer Centric Not Channel Centric

24 January 2013

Increase your understanding of the customer by bringing together different data sets which will allow you to be smarter about the way you do business.

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