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Michael Aagaard

How to Optimise Call-to-Action Buttons for Maximum Conversion & 10 Alternative Uses for CRO Tools

31 October 2013

Your call-to-action buttons represent the ultimate low-hanging fruit in CRO. In this part of the day Michael Aagaard  gives an excellent talk and shares a few simple tweaks which could...

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Barbara Pezzi

Right Content, Right Person, Right Time & Maximum Marketing Impact

25 October 2013

Back by popular demand Barbara Pezzi gives us the short version of what she would do with a £5k budget.

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The Psychology of Pricing by Leigh Caldwell

24 October 2013

Ever wondered about how to price your products so most people buy? Leigh Caldwell, a leading pricing psychologist and author shows how to set pricing strategies.

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eMetrics Logo

The Sale is Not the End of the (Bottom) Line #eMetrics

29 November 2012

In this session at eMetrics London 2012, Vicky Brock, Owner of Highland Business Research looks at measuring beyond the sale and optimising for customer life time value and...

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eMetrics Logo

One Size Does Not Fit All – Data Segmentation #eMetrics

27 November 2012

Want to get more from data and get to grips with data mining and data segmentation techniques? State of Search cover the eMetrics Summit in London 2012, to find...

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