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Articles around Europe


5 Google alternatives in Europe

29 March 2011

This article was originally written and published for Searchengineland and has been slightly re-written to post here. Google is the dominant force in Europe—there is no other search engine...

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Hello world! There is no Europe! – guestpost by Mikkel deMib (@demib)

15 March 2011

Pre-note by Bas van den Beld: At SES London in the panel “Marketing to the European Union” four different people from four different countries took the stage, including State...

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Google admits to whitelisting sites: endangering their European legal issues?

11 March 2011

In a panel at SMX West, which has been going on in San Jose last week, both Google and Bing admitted that they have lists on which websites appear...

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Bing takes first steps on the continent: launches in France: Bonjour!

1 March 2011

We have been complaining about it, we have been asking Bing’s director Stefan Weitz: when will Bing finally make the step and go onto the European mainland. Now finally...

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Google Italy ruling might very well turn out to be a blessing

2 March 2010

Last weeks ruling in Italy, which has three Googlers facing time in jail, caused some surprised reactions around the globe. But if we respond well, it might very well...

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Google can only become friends with Europe if starts thinking like a European

26 February 2010

Google is by far the largest search engine in Europe. With an average market share of 95% there is no competitor for the search giant. The competitors will however...

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SEO For Europe Is More Than Just Using Different Languages

3 February 2010

This post was originally posted by Bas van den Beld on Searchengineland If you ask any search marketer what the main issue is when trying to optimize your website(s)...

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