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Articles around Facebook


Why Bing will be trailing on Google and why it should hook up with Apple and Facebook

3 March 2011

Bing is doing well, at least, in the US it is. The latest numbers by Comscore show us that Bing increased its share of searches by 1.1 percentage points...

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Facebook is going to relaunch giving away phone and addresses

1 March 2011

It is what seems to be a typical Facebook move. Halfway through January Facebook announced it would be “making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible as part...

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More Social Elements in Google Search: Twitter not Facebook is the direction

18 February 2011

Google is taking it step by step, a very different way than we are used to in this digital era, but slowly but surely Google’s social face is becoming...

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Get your comments, by Facebook: Social Network preparing commenting system

1 February 2011

Facebook has big plans. The Social Network is slowly but surely moving away from ‘just’ being a Social Network into becoming a controller of the web. It looks remarkably...

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Update: Facebook postpones sharing of phone numbers and addresses

18 January 2011

Yesterday I wrote about a new ‘feature’ in Facebook which meant that third party developers would now be able to easily pick up phone numbers and addresses from Facebook....

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Facebook $50 Billion Valuation Means No IPO Anytime Soon

4 January 2011

For the second year running “Facebook” was the number one search term on the web. In 2010, a movie “The Social Network” was released, documenting the origins and rise...

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Facebook New Feature: The start of a Beautiful Friendship (Page)?

9 November 2010

Facebook have released a new, slightly creepy feature, apparently around a week ago. I’m not sure if this is a phased roll-out, or if I’m just not watching closely...

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Bing integrates Facebook into their search: the next step in social search integration

14 October 2010

It was clear that anytime soon something was going to happen between Bing and Facebook. Microsoft and Facebook already were working together on the search inside Facebook, but last...

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Marissa Mayer about Facebook: “There is a lot of content that is being locked in”

5 October 2010

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Michael Arrington on stage in a talk with Google’s Marissa Mayer with Mayer almost constantly ‘dodging’ the questions, though the questions were not...

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Defending Google or stepping up against Google?

5 September 2010

Google has to cope with a lot of privacy issues. But most people forget that most of their private data is gathered by a lot of agencies out there.

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