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Tag Archives: Facebook


Bing integrates Facebook into their search: the next step in social search integration

14 October 2010

It was clear that anytime soon something was going to happen between Bing and Facebook. Microsoft and Facebook already were working together on the search inside Facebook, but last...

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Marissa Mayer about Facebook: “There is a lot of content that is being locked in”

5 October 2010

Haven’t I seen this somewhere before? Michael Arrington on stage in a talk with Google’s Marissa Mayer with Mayer almost constantly ‘dodging’ the questions, though the questions were not...

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Defending Google or stepping up against Google?

5 September 2010

Google is under siege. At least so it might seem if you look at several blogposts and news items in the past months. The siege mainly is aimed at...

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What “Google Me” should be

29 June 2010

After a tweet sent out by Digg founder Kevin Rose last week all of a sudden there is another ‘buzz’ (no not the Google one) going around the web...

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Watch out Facebook, here comes the “Kroesade”

2 June 2010

Neelie Kroes is going to look closer at the privacy issues concerning social networkingsites like Facebook, Buzz and Hyves. What does this mean?

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Facebook easing up privacy issues: just a diversion

25 May 2010

Facebook has made a step towards its users by making the privacy settings more understandable. But in fact they are just creating a diversion for the real issues.

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Jason Calacanis fires at Facebook, should we follow him?

12 May 2010

Jason Calacanis has a reputation of a loudmouth. That reputation makes that many people either hate him or love him. But it does make that he gets attention at...

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Privacy: do we really care what Facebook and Google are doing?

26 April 2010

Google and Facebook are pushing the boundaries when it comes to privacy by storing data and spreading the data. But do we really care?

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Facebook turns web upside down, watch out Google, watch out privacy

22 April 2010

The world wide web used to be simple: you had websites and you had Google indexing them. Based on the ‘Google formula’ they would rank in a way Google...

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SES New York interviews with Jonathan Allen, Mel Carson, Lisa Myers and a visit to Facebook

3 April 2010

At Search Engine Strategies New York I got the chance to talk to many different people from all over the world with all different perspectives on the industry and...

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