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Articles around finance

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How China’s WeChat demonstrates the real market potential of messenger services

3 July 2014

Does WeChat, China’s mobile text and voice messaging service, show us the future for mobile payment services and exactly why Facebook paid $19bn for the messaging app WhatsApp? Firstly,...

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Facebook’s IPO: One Year Later

10 May 2013

It's been a year since Facebook's IPO, with plenty of highs and lows. State of Search looks back at an eventful year for Mark Zuckerberg and his team.

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Assessing the Non-Financial Benefits of Social Media Investment

30 January 2013

When asking for investment in social media, it's imperative that we do not forget the 'middle ground' of benefits that do not directly cause a financial return. This post...

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A Look at Google’s Revenue and Expenses

14 January 2013

A quick look into Google's wallet: their revenues, expenses and more all in one view.

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Google wants us to know they make the US money

31 May 2010

It’s not a secret that Google has a high influence on many companies world wide. Many (smaller) companies rely on Google Advertising and on Google search for their business....

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Suze Orman tells Google how to earn money

9 February 2010

Suze Orman is a internationally known finance expert who made a lot of money over the years. Google must have thought she could learn its employees about money and...

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