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SEO 101: the ranking of “” results

31 January 2011

One thing which many SEO’s tend to do is a search on (for example on this site)¬†within Google to see which pages are indexed by Google. It can...

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Bad Link Requests: picking the right page

21 January 2011

We started a new category, the “Bad Link Requests”. We are putting the strange or just simply bad requests we get online to give an insight in how stupid...

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Google puts Hotpot closer to Google Maps

17 January 2011

Last November Google launched Hotpot, in an effort to get a step closer to actually being social, combined with the local elements. As many “Social” products from Google it...

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Bad Link Requests: spam comment on pills

14 January 2011

We started a new category last week, the “Bad Link Requests“. We are putting the strange or just simply bad requests we get online to give an insight in...

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2010: the year of social media?

4 January 2011

It is 2011 so we shouldn’t be looking back, but we are. And we are also looking back at 2010 when it comes to Social Media. Because after all,...

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Linkresearchtools link alerts update

18 December 2010

Linkresearchtools updated their link alerts. See a preview of their changes here.

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Google Maps Mobile goes 3D on new Nexus S

7 December 2010

So Google did decide to make a follow up on their Nexus One phone. This week Google presented the Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung, with the new Android...

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Google enters E-books market, launches E-Bookstore and becomes an affiliate network

6 December 2010

Today Google announced that it has opened its very own bookstore. Not one where you can get a cup of coffee, sit down and read through paper books, but...

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The Godfather of IndexTools Mortensen leaves Yahoo

17 November 2010

Back in the days when Google Analytics wasn’t as powerful as it is now and when there were great alternatives on the market there was one tool which rocked...

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Want to see the German blurred houses unblurred? Use an iPhone

8 November 2010

We can go on and on about Streetview and Google issues so it seems. We reported last week Google got a slap on the wrist in the UK and...

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