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Will Eric Schmidt have to face the music in Congress?

8 November 2010

When Google accidentally grabbed personal data like e-mails, passwords and other wifi information they most certainly were not thinking of the consequences. Last week Google got a slap on...

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Don’t like Streetview? “You can move” Eric Schmidt jokes on CNN…

26 October 2010

It is becoming some sort of a running gag. Eric Schmidt showing up in tv shows, at conferences or at press conferences and then trying to be funny. And...

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Google could be sued in UK for taking e-mail passwords and more

25 October 2010

Google’s Streetview has been a big headache for Google in Europe. What was supposed to be a fun tool turned out to be a monster when it comes to...

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Mobile web search on Android is the future? 247% increase in UK says yes

19 October 2010

Mobile is hot, hotter, hottest. Everybody wants to be on mobile devices. And numbers show us why. Not just the ‘apps’ on smartphones like the iPhone or Android are...

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SEO FAQ’s: the infographic answer

3 October 2010

It’s Sunday so again a day in which an infographic can be read calmly. This time its all about the ‘basic’ SEO questions, the answers are below. Via, original...

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Google directing you off their homepage as fast as they can

14 September 2010

The newest addition to Instant Search is popping up now. Google wants you off their homepage as fast as they can. The subtle change Google made in their philosophy page last...

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Missed the Google Press Event? Re-live it here

9 September 2010

Did you miss Googles press event and didn’t have the chance to see what Marissa Mayer was wearing and how cool all the Googlers feel the new “Google Instant...

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