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Articles around Friday Talk


Friday Talk: David Meerman Scott at The NAMM Show

26 October 2012

David Meerman Scott about how to instantly engage your Market, connect with customers, and create products that grow your business now.

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Friday Talk: Krishnan Sarananthan – How Gamification Reshapes Consumer

19 October 2012

This talk is about gamification, one of the 'buzzwords' these days. At the GSummit conference in San Francisco Krishnan Sarananthan dives into this topic.

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Friday Talk: Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) Transform Government

5 October 2012

Clay Shirky shows how democracies can take a lesson from the Internet, to be not just transparent but also to draw on the knowledge of all citizens

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Friday Talk: Social Good Summit

28 September 2012

Talks from the Social Good Summit which combines the possibilities of the web with 'doing good': non-profit.

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Friday Talk: Mitch Joel – The Future of the Web May Not be Social

21 September 2012

In this Friday Talk Mitch Joel,Social media marketing specialist, examines the counterintuitive possibility of an increasingly anti-social Web.

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Friday Talk: Brian Solis – Screw business as usual….this is the real world

14 September 2012

Brian Solis talks about his book The End Of Business As Usual, in which he looks at the changing consumer landscape, it's impact on business & what companies can...

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Friday Talk: Breakfast with Google’s Search Team

7 September 2012

A breakfast session with the Google search team, with Amit Singhal talking about the future of search.

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Friday Talk: Jer Thorp: the Weight of Data

31 August 2012

Where Big Data focusses on using that data to better target the audience there is much more you can do with data. Just look at this TEDx talk by...

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Friday Talk: The Truth About Content Marketing

24 August 2012

Sean Jackson, founding partner of Copyblogger Media talked at the emerging tech conference in Dallas in June of 2012 about content marketing

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Friday Talk: Google+ From a Business Perspective

10 August 2012

Ad Tech New York Google Head of Social Advertising Products Christian Oestlien discusses the business opportunities of Google+. How to get closer to your customers using Google+.

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