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Articles around FTC

Google vs Europe

What Google’s EU Settlement Means For Search

17 April 2013

Google and the EU are about to reach an antitrust settlement. What will this mean for search in Europe, and how will European businesses be affected?

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EU vs FTC – Google to be Made to Change Search Results in Europe

11 January 2013

In opposite to the FTC, the EU concludes Google was indeed taking advantage of its strong position in the search marketplace.

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FTC Google

FTC Exonerates Google in Search Bias Investigation

4 January 2013

After a two year investigation, the FTC decides Google's search results are not biased and that the search engine is merely improving user experience.

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Aren’t we looking at this whole privacy thing from the wrong angle?

11 April 2011

One of the hot topics on the web currently is privacy. What can companies like Google or Facebook store from us when it comes to personal data? Can they...

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