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Articles around geo-targeting


Understanding and Implementing Geo-Targeting #ISS

16 May 2013

A whistlestop tour from Andy Atkins Kruger of Webcertain at ISS London of which signals matter for international search.

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Geolocation, International and Local: Simon Heseltine (AOL)

22 August 2012

Simon Heseltine of AOL discusses his experiences with and thoughts about local search, international search and geolocation differences.

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Take Part in the Geo-targeting Survey

21 August 2012

WebCertain is surveying global marketers to delve deeper into the issue and find out what is/isn’t working for organisations when it comes to geo-targeting

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Geotargeting Based on IP Address is Broken

21 July 2011

When websites try to determine a user’s geographic location, this is usually done via the user’s IP address. In theory an IP address can be related to a physical...

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How to Use Multiple Sitemaps on One Domain for Geo-targeting

4 February 2010

Working with websites that targets several countries is always challenging, especially from an SEO point of view, people just don’t seem to get that doing SEO in different countries goes...

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