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Articles around GMail

Google Spy

Google’s “racial profiling” issue hints at invasive ad targeting

5 September 2012

Google is accused of using racial profiling in Gmail's ad targeting. With access to so much data, Google is likely to know a lot more than just your race.

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Google Introducing GMail Tap and Chrome MultiTask on April 1, What Did You Spot?

1 April 2012

Google introduces two new services which can help you do more in one day. Or really...?

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Google Testing Out “Sesame Open”, But Working On Something Better

17 January 2012

Do you not trust public computers with your passwords, because maybe, just maybe a keylogger might be installed which records your password? Well help might be under way. Google...

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Google didn_t want us to see the new GMail...-1

The video From The New GMail Google Didn’t Want Us to See

26 October 2011

Google is re-designing Gmail. I think many of you might even already have the new design working because you opted in for the beta-version. I know I do. It...

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Google GMail Ads Mocked (by Microsoft?)

11 August 2011

Back when Google launched GMail and people for the first time saw ads in them everybody was stunned. It was actually the first time that Google got ‘privacy matters’...

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Marissa Mayer: “Launching Gmail on April Fools day was widely misinterpreted”

5 November 2010

Digg has found an interesting format of interviewing: Digg Dialogue, getting their audience to send in the questions and then ask them to  a ‘web-celebrity’. This time Marissa Mayer...

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