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Articles around google adwords

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AdWords targets SMS growth with new ‘click to message’ feature

26 May 2016

Investigating the brand new AdWords click to message feature. See how the latest SMS integration can help to boost your PPC engagement and user experience.

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Google Ditching Paid RHS Ads – What You Need To Know

23 February 2016

Google are set to remove all right hand side ads this week. Why? What will the impact be? Find out what's been confirmed and what's still speculation in this...

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Gmail Ads

The Adoption of Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs)

28 January 2016

A look into how the take up of Gmail Sponsored Promotions has been slower than other products. This post includes a short survey and some GSP strategies too.

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Understanding AdWords Dimensions Reporting

15 July 2015

A deep dive into all the different reports that sit within the AdWords Dimensions tab: Why they are there and how to use them.

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product ratings

Google Shakes up Shopping with Product Ratings

9 April 2015

Product Ratings have finally made their way to Google Shopping. Arianne Donoghue explains how they work, why they're different from Seller Ratings and why you should take advantage of...

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the end

Is it the end of PPC accounts as we know them?

2 March 2015

Adwords has seen huge changes in the last few years with the onset of Enhanced Campaigns and changes to our understanding of Quality Score. Is there more change on...

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Adwords WTF Picard meme

Is Adwords a ranking factor in Google Search?

15 September 2014

In recent days, the myth has gained new impetus because of a Google patent, in which abstract states: Systems and methods for improving on search rankings using advertising data...

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Top 3 Scripts for Adwords Account Automation

8 April 2014

Adwords Scripts can save you time, money and effort so why not try these 3 simple free scripts on your own campaign?

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A few Adwords Extensions here, a few Adwords Extensions There

4 March 2014

A walk through some of the extensions available to you via Google AdWords. With these extensions you can push out more relevant information per impression.

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My AdWords wish list for 2014

4 February 2014

Many AdWords professionals spend a lot of time navigating the interface. In this post Haukur Jarl lists five wishes that would make AdWords easier to use.

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