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Articles around Google Analytics

Google Analytics - State of Digital

A Beginner’s Guide to Segmentation in Google Analytics

15 March 2016

Thousands of marketers use Google Analytics as an overview of website performance. However many may not use custom segmentation, which is a great way of diving deep into your...

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Boost your productivity by using Google Analytics custom alerts

26 January 2016

Did you know you can configure Google Analytics to send you custom alerts when something happens on your website? Learn all about custom Intelligence Events alerts from this article...

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Must-track website metrics in 2016

Must-Track Website Metrics For 2016

12 January 2016

Time to move on from page impressions and bounce rates. What are the real meaningful metrics to keep an eye on in 2016? Per Pettersson suggests a few.

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Audit your Google Analytics account

The Google Analytics Audit You Didn’t Do

20 October 2015

How long has it been since you've audited your Google Analytics account? In this post Per Pettersson outlines a number of must-do checks on your analytics account.

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How To Measure Content Engagement

8 June 2015

Engagement is an elusive concept in digital marketing that refuses to be clearly defined. In this post Barry Adams offers some metrics that can help you identify what drives...

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Google Analytics Treemaps report

Using Treemaps Report In Google Analytics To Analyse Marketing Channels

7 April 2015

Polly Pospelova shows how Google Analytics Treemaps report allows to see a graphical representation of incoming traffic and instantly compare performance.

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Multi Channel Reports Overview - Andy Miller

What You Can Learn From Multi Channel Funnel Reports in Google Analytics

10 March 2015

Most marketers stick to basic web analytics reports and rarely venture to the advanced features of their web analytics platform. In this post Andy Miller shows the power of...

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Get the Most of GA

7 Reports in Google Analytics to Help with SEO

18 November 2014

Find out how to get the most out of GA and show the value of SEO by looking at revenue and traffic generated from this channel.

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Google Analytics Content Grouping: Why Are You Not Using It?

6 March 2014

Annabel Hodges gives a quick introduction to Content Grouping, and why it should already be a part of your Google Analytics dashboard.

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How to Analyse, Optimise & Automate Multi-Channel ROI Calculations

4 February 2014

Polly Pospelova from Delete shows how to analyse, optimise and automate ROI calculations by creating a universal dashboard to monitor multi-channel CPC.

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