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Articles around Google News


Don’t Wait, Try The New Google Bar Right Now

3 January 2012

Google announced last November the black navigation bar (codenamed Sandbar) above all products will be replaced only a few months after it was introduced with a new and bigger gray bar. This...

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Google News creator Krishna Bharat talks journalism

16 August 2011

Almost lunchtime on the Friday afternoon and waiting for the next World Cup match? You have one hour to ‘kill’. How about using that hour to listen to Google...

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Google News Badges: Google’s Newest Social Data Tool

15 July 2011

Google just gave us an insight into some of their next social steps. As said earlier this week, Google is far from done when it comes to social or...

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Google further personalizes Google News

27 April 2011

“User intent”. These are two words I’ve written and said a lot in the past 1,5 years. It’s the ultimate goal of the search engines: finding out your user...

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Google News in Universal SERPs

3 November 2010

Somehow I’ve managed to get the ‘Google News expert’ badge by virtue of my experience with the Belfast Telegraph. In all honesty I don’t feel like a Google News...

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The State of Search for News

8 July 2010

Most SEOs are focused primarily on organic search results in Google’s ‘standard’ web search engine. However websites that specialise in providing news have a different Google in mind when...

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Five tips on getting your video into Google News

7 June 2010

Getting your videos in Google News can be a real traffic driver. But what do you need to do to get your videos in there? Five tips.

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