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Articles around Google Shopping

product ratings

Google Shakes up Shopping with Product Ratings

9 April 2015

Product Ratings have finally made their way to Google Shopping. Arianne Donoghue explains how they work, why they're different from Seller Ratings and why you should take advantage of...

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Make Google Shopping’s Paid Service Work For You

15 March 2013

Infographic which helps you get started using Google Shopping’s Paid Service, which is now being rolled out in the UK.

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Mr Burns Holding a Google Shopping Logo and being Evil

Paid Google Shopping – Another Step Towards Google’s Master Plan

20 June 2012

Whether you call it Google Products, Google Shopping or Froogle things are about to change in a BIG way, again! Google has always been seen as a level playing...

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A Sign of Things to Come

12 June 2012

Google announced Google Product Search is getting a brand new name - Google Shopping. How big a deal is this? Big. An overview.

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New Google Shopping format

Google to change product search to paid Google Shopping system

1 June 2012

Yesterday Google announced it will change its Product Search to a new Google Shopping system, which will require merchants to pay for inclusion. Since its launch as Froogle, later...

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Google Shopping results

SEO for Ecommerce

5 December 2011

On November 24th I gave a talk on SEO for Ecommerce at the annual SAScon mini-conference. Below I will expand on some of the points I made during that...

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