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Articles around Google Webmaster Help


Google’s Matt Cutts on Malware

10 January 2012

If there is success there are is always the possibility that someone wants a piece of the pie. The same goes for ‘big audiences’. The bigger the audience, the...

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Matt Cutts Explains “Google Trust”

7 December 2011

Google uses many signals in ranking. Sometimes the rankingfactor “trust” is mentioned. But what is meant by that? Matt Cutts decided to explain. There is no ‘trustrank’, but they...

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Google Now Warning You of Duplicate Content in Webmastertools

1 November 2011

Google is working on improving Webmastertools. There seems to be more integration with for example Google Analytics and they are delivering more ‘service’ to website owners by handing them...

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Matt Cutts: Google Does a Relatively Good Job at Black Hat

12 September 2011

We all know the videos in which Matt Cutts talks about Google changes and answers questions from Webmasters. Here is another one. But this one is kind of special....

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Matt Cutts: one of 2011 strategies should be Social Media

11 March 2011

Matt Cutts answers questions on the GoogleWebmasterHelp channel. In this question he answers a question about what to do with your strategy in 2011. He names the obvious ones:...

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When a penalty is lifted

16 February 2011

With the discussion about JC Penney firing up around blogs and websites in the United States it is interesting to know what Google’s policies are when it comes to...

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