Facebook IPO: Can It Beat Google?

Both Google and Facebook make their money through advertising. And that money is what investors are after. So how much chance will investors have when it comes to getting a lot of money out of both? Which one is best to focus on?

10 Post Penguin Link Building Tips

So Penguin has come and gone, and you are still wondering what do I do. You may be unsure where to target your link building efforts, as you are afraid that any links you may build can make your situation worse. 10 of the maxims for her to use in future link-building efforts, and I hope they are of use to you and your webmaster!

Google Launches Knowledge Graph: Direct (not SEO-able) Answers

Google launches “Knowledge Graph” which will give you direct answers in the search results pages. There is no SEO-ing it though.

At SMX London last Monday Amit Singhal was already talking about the direction Google was going in. He there gave the example of the Taj Mahal. Are you looking for information on the monument or the closest Indian restaurant with that name. Google wants to give the right answer on queries like that.