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panda in the wild

Google’s Panda Update Rolls Out World Wide

12 August 2011

With a small blogpost Amit Singhal has announced that the much discussed Panda Update is now being rolled out World Wide, with the exception of the Chinese, Japanese, and...

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Google GMail Ads Mocked (by Microsoft?)

11 August 2011

Back when Google launched GMail and people for the first time saw ads in them everybody was stunned. It was actually the first time that Google got ‘privacy matters’...

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How to Share on Google+ from any website

9 August 2011

Want to add a button to your site to give your visitors the option to share on Google+? Here's a plugin or code to do that.

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The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords Advertising

The Keywords On Which Google Makes Its Fortune

8 August 2011

Google’s business model used to be only Adwords. And it still is their main source of income. They make a fortune out of the keywords we type into Google....

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Google Makes Surprising Book Deal with French Publisher Hachette

8 August 2011

To be really honest, I kind of figured that the Google Book project to digitize the books world wide would die a slow death after Google saw a settlement...

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Will Google move Adwords ads toward the bottom of the SERPs?

1 August 2011

Google has been experimenting a lot with the lay out of the search interface. Last friday they introduced a new search interface for tablets. This new interface differs from...

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Google simplifies Adwords for small businesses with AW Express

26 July 2011

Yesterday Google announced a new way to do Adwords, aimed specifically at local businesses. In Google’s own words: “AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren’t already...

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6 Ways Google Gets Your Social Data

25 July 2011

Google loves data. And data has become much more important to Google in the past few years. Where Google used to be able to get data from the websites...

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What in the name of Google is a “Panda” (infographic)

25 July 2011

When there wasn’t a Google Plus yet we all were talking about SEO, remember that? And the most talked about topic at that time was the Panda Update. What...

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Google Analytics Map Overlay

Geotargeting Based on IP Address is Broken

21 July 2011

When websites try to determine a user’s geographic location, this is usually done via the user’s IP address. In theory an IP address can be related to a physical...

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