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Articles around Google


Google: One Billion a Month

24 June 2011

One Billion, A one with nine zeros: 1000000000. That is a huge number. And that number is now connected to Google. Not because they make that cash (they make...

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Google Now Warning WordPress Users They Need To Update

20 June 2011

If you own a WordPress website and you haven’t updated your WordPress version lately you might be getting a warning soon. And no, this is not the warning you...

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New Google Tests Suggest Change Come Fast

20 June 2011

Again some new Google tests have been found ‘in the wild’. The tests again are focused on the design. This time the changes came from around the globe, not...

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Missed the Inside Search event? Watch it here!

17 June 2011

This week Google had again an “Inside Search” event in which they launched a few new features. Did you miss it? Here is your chance to watch it!

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Crawling: check. Indexing: check. Ranking: check.

We’re doing Google’s job for them

14 June 2011

You’ve all heard about the Google +1 button and the recent announcement. Big news, both of those, but something is rubbing me the wrong way about all this...

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schema-org – What does it really mean for us

13 June 2011

Its now been just over a week since the three major search engines announced a unified approach to “create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on...

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Where is all the talent going? Facebook gets most

13 June 2011

I always tell people that the generations below us will be the ones actually making big changes to the digital world because they are raised with online always being...

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The Making of Google Analytics v5

3 June 2011

Earlier this week Jeroen dove into the The thoughts behind the new Google Analytics, a very insightful post which everybody working with Analytics should be reading. Following up on...

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Google +1 Button is here, Get your Data to Google!

2 June 2011

After the launch in beta of the +1-button Google yesterday finally launched the official button. Now everybody can put the +1 button on their website. On their blog Google...

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Eric Schmidt at D9: “Google Will Get Social Data In Alternative Ways”

1 June 2011

It is maybe my favorite conference which I have never attended: the D-conferences, organized by All Things Digital. In these conferences Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg interview industry leaders....

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