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Tag Archives: Google


Matt Cutts about SSL, privacy, SEO, hacking and more at Search University

30 July 2010

In Belgium a group of search marketers have set up a very interesting initiative: Search University. In different sessions you get informed on all sorts of different topics. And...

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Video: Jeff Jarvis talks to Google

25 July 2010

Jeff Jarvis wrote the book "What Would Google Do". But in the process he never talked to anybody from Google. After the book was finished he did. He was...

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The State of Search for News

8 July 2010

Most SEOs are focused primarily on organic search results in Google’s ‘standard’ web search engine. However websites that specialise in providing news have a different Google in mind when...

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Google wants more of your money: showing AdWords ads for related searches

6 July 2010

Tonight’s the semi-final of the World Cup, where the Netherlands will compete against Uruguay. As a true SEO I decided to check out the Google SERP for the query...

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What “Google Me” should be

29 June 2010

After a tweet sent out by Digg founder Kevin Rose last week all of a sudden there is another ‘buzz’ (no not the Google one) going around the web...

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Why didn’t the Google Mayday Update Affect Job Boards

17 June 2010

First a confession, I’ve not really seen the ‘Mayday Update’ have an impact on any of our clients. That’s not me show boating, I checked all our clients over...

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Battle of the World Cup SERPs

14 June 2010

The World Cup, the biggest sports event on the planet, is underway! And because I’ve always wanted to do a sports-themed blog post, I’ve compared the “world cup” SERPs...

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Watch out Facebook, here comes the “Kroesade”

2 June 2010

Neelie Kroes is going to look closer at the privacy issues concerning social networkingsites like Facebook, Buzz and Hyves. What does this mean?

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Google wants us to know they make the US money

31 May 2010

It’s not a secret that Google has a high influence on many companies world wide. Many (smaller) companies rely on Google Advertising and on Google search for their business....

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Find out which universal results Google shows for all of your important search querys

28 May 2010

Google is showing more and more universal results blended in the regular search results for different queries. For the search queries we’re targeting I wanted to try and map...

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