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Articles around Google

Grade - C+_x275

Google: C+ – Still room for improvement….

24 January 2011

Google has come in for a lot of criticism over the last year or so, some of it justified, some of it not so. Whilst it is unrealistic to...

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We’re tired of Google, it’s time for a change

12 January 2011

Let’s face it: Google rules search. With a market share in most European countries of well over 90%, Google is as close to a search engine monopoly as you...

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Google letting you check available rooms in Maps?

12 January 2011

It seems as if Google is making some more changes to Google Maps at the moment. Either that or I haven’t been paying attention lately ;). I noticed two...

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Marissa Mayer: “Google hasn’t gotten social yet”

4 January 2011

Mediabeat had the chance to sit down and talk to Marissa Mayer. And they got her to actually talk and give straight answers. In the first part Marissa talks...

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Predictions for 2010, how did we do?

3 January 2011

First of all: Happy New Year! I hope 2011 will be the best year we have all ever seen. 2011 has started. It’s the first Monday of the New...

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Google’s PR-damage-control: call in the special forces and change the algorithm

2 December 2010

There was a lot of rumor this week about an extensive article in the New York Times which told the story of a merchant who seemed to be “winning”...

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Search and social: A match made in heaven?

29 November 2010

Its not very often that search marketing makes the likes of the BBC news, however it was interesting to see the BBC website run a story this week stating...

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Want to see the German blurred houses unblurred? Use an iPhone

8 November 2010

We can go on and on about Streetview and Google issues so it seems. We reported last week Google got a slap on the wrist in the UK and...

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Marissa Mayer: “Launching Gmail on April Fools day was widely misinterpreted”

5 November 2010

Digg has found an interesting format of interviewing: Digg Dialogue, getting their audience to send in the questions and then ask them to  a ‘web-celebrity’. This time Marissa Mayer...

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Google launches its ‘blurred’ Streetview in Germany

3 November 2010

There has been no country which has been so hesitant when it comes to Googles Streetview as Germany. Yes, in the UK there were people chasing Streetview cars, as...

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