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Tag Archives: Google


Privacy: do we really care what Facebook and Google are doing?

26 April 2010

Google and Facebook are pushing the boundaries when it comes to privacy by storing data and spreading the data. But do we really care?

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Google Local Business Listings – Will it ever be fixed?

23 April 2010

If you “follow me” and read my blogposts (rants) you might have noticed I seem to have gotten myself into a “ranting niche” with Google Local Business Listings, and...

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Facebook turns web upside down, watch out Google, watch out privacy

22 April 2010

The world wide web used to be simple: you had websites and you had Google indexing them. Based on the ‘Google formula’ they would rank in a way Google...

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Need for Speed – Enable HTTP Compression

20 April 2010

Since Google mentioned that site speed is now a factor, albeit a smaller one than relevance, SEOs need to look at ways of increasing site load speed. Learn what...

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All flights cancelled because of volcano: how can you help?

16 April 2010

Europe has been ‘hit’ with a natural disaster this week. In Iceland a volcano burst leaving not only about 700 people homeless, it also left people stranded all over...

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301 redirects: not so good for SEO after all?

15 April 2010

For some time now Google is telling us that 301 redirects are the proper way of redirecting your pages. However 301 redirects seem not so good for SEO after...

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Google helps non-optimised sites, enhances title tags in SERPs

31 March 2010

Dennis Sievers (@resiever), a top SEO specialist in the Netherlands and a fellow blogger, alerted me via twitter to a phenomenon I hadn’t previously encountered: apparently Google is tweaking...

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Google leaves China, but what are they risking? $32 per second!

23 March 2010

Google announced on their blog they will stop censoring search results for Google Search, Google News, and Google Images on Therefore they’ve relocated all the visits to Google...

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SEO and the Multi-layered Search Experience

22 March 2010

There is a pervasive mindset in the internet community that search engines such as Google are an entirely different class of website. Instead of a destination in and of...

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Google loses its user-centric focus

16 March 2010

We’ve all been able to read why Google is as big as they are right now in “What would Google do?” by Jeff Jarvis. The secret lies in making...

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