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Learning SEO? Here are some tips

1 March 2012

Have you always wanted to learn SEO but you didn't know where to start off? There is a lot to find on the web that can help you. But...

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Weighing Up Google+ – What You (& Your Clients) Should Know

8 February 2012

Now that many of us in the search marketing space have come to terms with some of the dilemmas associated with Google Search Plus Your World (GSPYW), Google’s new...

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@State_ofsearch is now @Stateofsearch: How To Get That Twitter Account You Always Wanted

13 January 2012

Ever since the start of the website about two years ago we have had one thing which was a bit annoying: we didn’t ‘have’ the @stateofsearch Twitter account. That...

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Time To Clean Up Your Facebook Page 101 Style

5 January 2012

So the new year has started, which means most people have New Years Resolutions. Some believe it’s a ‘fresh start’, though in some cases you could argue whether or...

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How to Check if Google Analytics Is Installed On Every Page using Screaming Frog

6 December 2011

An overview of how you can use Screaming Frog to check if Google Analytics is installed properly on every page.

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How to find bloggers in your niche to help you out

21 October 2010

In my presentations I often have several slides in there which are all about using bloggers to get more visibility in search engines. Bloggers already have rankings, already have...

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