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Articles around html 5

SAScon Mobile Marketing panel

Mobile Marketing Goes Mainstream

17 May 2012

My next session at the 2012 SAScon conference is about mobile marketing and includes Richard Gregory and Ben Wightman from Latitude, Mark Kuhilow from MyMCart, and James Hamlin from...

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Bing html 5 is nearby: Bing Instant part of update

7 March 2011

Winrumors reports that Microsoft is getting ready to launch a special HTML5 version of Bing. This new version is part of the new release of Internet Explorer 9. In...

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HTML 5 and SEO – when, what and how?

20 July 2010

Almost everyone is touting HTML5 as the flash killer and a new horizon for web development. I wanted to take a slightly closer look at the HTML structure and...

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