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Bing keeps growing in the US: now 30% marketshare

12 April 2011

We cannot longer be ignoring Bing as a major competitor in the search market, at least when we are looking at the US that is. According to Hitwise Bing...

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Larry Page taking control: reorganizes Google management and bonus system

8 April 2011

It’s not even taken Larry Page one week in his new role as CEO to make big changes to how Google works. We already heard of the departure of...

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Page’s first days in office: Product chief Jonathan Rosenberg resigns

5 April 2011

Starting this week things at Google are different. We’ve known for a few months now that Eric Schmidt would be stepping down as CEO and Larry Page would be...

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Can SEO companies be held responsible for counterfeit by their clients? Yes says judge

28 March 2011

Imagine this: a client comes up to you asking you to build them a new e-commerce website. Let’s say they are selling golf clubs. However, it turns out that...

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Why I’ve Stopped Defending SEO

24 March 2011

Yesterday I attended a fascinating lecture by Ben Hammersley, organised by the British council, about the future of the internet. Read my write-up of the lecture on The Tomorrow...

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Dave Naylor about how search (not) sucks, Google and Bing

14 February 2011

This weekend TechCrunch posted an article about how Search still sucks based on a story which came out through the New York Times last week in which a company...

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Search is growing up, let’s take the client with us

26 May 2010

The search industry, like the entire web industry for that matter, is a relatively young industry. The biggest player in the industry is only about 11 years old after...

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