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Articles around Influence


Influence Marketing: Let yourself be influenced (Direct Marketing White Paper)

3 December 2013

This is the first part of a chapter written by Bas van den Beld which is part of a collaborative white paper called "Direct Marketing"

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Social Influence Scoring, Big Data and Why ‘Author Rank’ May Never Exist

12 June 2013

A look at social influence scoring vs. Google's massive data set, concluding that what Google has on its users supersedes any notion of 'Author Rank'.

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Friday Talk: Ask People to Connect to Them for Help

7 June 2013

Really want to connect to people? Really want to engage? You might want to start asking questions.

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Friday Talk: Joven Cabasag About Network Marketing

19 April 2013

Getting in touch with clients and influencers. It all comes down to networking, whether its offline or online. Listen to CEO of Gano Life Joven Cabasag.

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Who To Take out to Lunch? The Importance of Knowing the Network

25 March 2013

Knowing which people are important is one thing, but the next step is finding out who really matters and who you should target and bring to lunch.

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