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7 Steps to B2B Digital Marketing

9 August 2013

How to do Digital Marketing for B2B? There are many things you can do. Smartinsights gives you seven steps to take.

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The Real World of Big Data

26 July 2013

It's a term which goes around every office which has anything to do with marketing these days: big data. What is it? A full breakdown in this infographic.

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How Does Google Make Its Money Again?

19 July 2013

Google, the number one player in our industry. Not just in usage, but definitely also in money. They make a lot of it. But how?

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Why Do People Not Like On Facebook?

12 July 2013

How frustrating is it when people see us but don't like us? Or even worse: when they unlike us? This infographic looks at why they don't like us.

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The History of the #Hashtag

5 July 2013

Did you know hashtags existed even in the 12th century? They had a completely different meaning off course, but they were there.

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The State of Digital for SMBs

21 June 2013

Everything is moving more and more towards digital. Which is no surprise. But still there is room for improvement.

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The Money is in the Videos

14 June 2013

There is a lot of money in online video, that is for sure. Moneysupermarket took a closer look in this infographic.

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What Are You Telling Facebook Apps?

24 May 2013

Do you know what all the Facebook Apps you use take away from you when it comes to information? Think about that next time you play "Candy Crush Saga".

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95% of UK Marketers Will Increase Digital Marketing Spend

17 May 2013

The economy is down, but digital seems up, that is if you can believe numbers which are going around and if you look at how busy some (most) digital...

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Mark Zuckerberg vs Rupert Murdoch: The Battle

10 May 2013

Mark Zuckerberg is 'new money' and Rupert Murdoch is 'old money'. They both earned the money themselves, but with different types of media. How they compare

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