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The Rise of Shopping Cart Abandonment

14 December 2012

Why are users abandoning a webshop? Didn't they like the price? Was it the cart, the attitude or something else? This info graphic takes a look at that.

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Exciting Times in SEO?

7 December 2012

A lot is changing in the SEO industry which will take the industry forward. An overview.

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A Look at Google’s Algorithm Timeline

30 November 2012

An extensive overview of the different Google updates and changes made overtime with a link to 'real life' events.

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UK’s Most Expensive AdWords Keywords

23 November 2012

What are the keywords you pay most for in the UK? An overview of keywords and categories.

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The State of Content Marketing by the ‘new’ Blueglass UK

19 November 2012

Blueglass announces it will be launching in the UK and buys content marketing agency Quaturo. Their infographic shows the state of content marketing.

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What’s Next for Google Analytics?

13 November 2012

Brian Clifton summarises the future of Google Analytics based on the GA Summit in Mountain View in an infographic.

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Duplicate Content Uncovered

9 November 2012

If you say "duplicate content" probably only SEO's will respond since it is a term mostly used in that industry. But then SEO's really jump on it as well.

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Where Does Google’s 100 Million $ Per Day Come From?

2 November 2012

Google makes 100 million dollars per day on search advertising. Which industries make Google the most money?

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30 Ways To Promote Your Blogpost

26 October 2012

So you have that fantastic blogpost, but now to find readers! You can do SEO, but there is much more you can do to promote your blogpost. Here are...

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10 Wowing Social Media Statistics

19 October 2012

Social Media, it has become an important part of our lives. Find here some interesting facts and statistics about this relatively young phenomenon.

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