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Looking for A Job? Student? Think About What You Do On Social Media

12 October 2012

If you are young and you want to make sure that in the future you will get the job(s) you want you better make sure you know what you...

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Big Data Brings Marketing Big Numbers

5 October 2012

It's 'hot' these days: Big Data. Every marketer is talking about it, and with reason. This infographic shows why.

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The Social Media Monster: All the Distraction!!

28 September 2012

Does Social Media distract you from your work? It is probably a much heard complaint with employers, while employees maybe enjoy the distraction.

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Google’s Investments (Outside of Search)

21 September 2012

These days Google is much more than search. Google for example invests in energy, mobile, fiber and much more. Just take a look...

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Advertising Money and Tech Companies

14 September 2012

Who is spending most money when it comes to advertising and who is collecting most of it? Take a look at the spending of advertising money in Tech

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The Risks of Posting on Social Networks

11 September 2012

Do you think about what you are putting on social networks? Maybe you should, take a look at this infographic and understand why.

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What Customers Want and What Executives Think they Want

7 September 2012

Do you think you know what your customer is thinking? Think again...

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SEO The Game

31 August 2012

Some people believe SEO is a game. Others believe it's all shady tactics and sorcery. if people don't understand things they blame it on 'black tactics'

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Ten Years of Internet

29 August 2012

A lot has changed on the web in the past ten years. What do you remember from the past ten years? What are the biggest changes?

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Personal Branding in Google: A Person’s Google Results

27 August 2012

For your personal branding you would want that first page in Google to look good when it comes to what results show.

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