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Articles around International Search

Bing Shopping Cedric Chambaz ecommerce

Ecommerce in France – What You Need To Know Right Now

21 April 2016

Bing Ads research on French ecommerce behaviours and usage of search in buying decision process. Trends, Statistics, insights and new ad formats, presented by Cedric Chambaz.

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3d english translation button on Computer Keyboard. Translating

The No-nos of Using Online Translators when entering a Foreign Market

9 February 2015

Translating can be one of the most challenging tasks of entering an foreign market. Online translators further hinder the process by creating inaccurate site content, keyword lists, ad...

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Why Google Is Broken

6 January 2015

Google is broken, at least it is in its regional versions. In fact, not all the updates rolled out in Google.com and English were rolled out outside of...

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12 Myths of International Search

12 Myths of International Search Marketing

17 December 2014

There are many myths surrounding international search marketing, so we'll try to debunk 12 common ones and get your global search efforts on the right track.

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China Social Network

Chinese Social Media: In China It Is Not About Facebook

27 December 2013

If you want to target a Chinese audience through social media, forget about Facebook and Twitter. This is a guide to the top Chinese social media platforms

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The Global Search Engines – Just What Are They Up To?

15 October 2013

The world of search is always changing. So what are the latest developments from the global search engines and what does that mean for marketers?

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The Ideal Content Management System For International Websites

20 August 2013

Multilingual international websites need a fully featured CMS. Choose your CMS wisely to avoid unnecessary headaches with your international websites.

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5 Annoying International Search Assumptions

23 July 2013

We’re all guilty of making assumptions – sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re not. However there are some fairly common assumptions when it comes to international search which aren’t...

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German Flag

Germany & Search: May & June 2013 Edition

1 July 2013

Bastian Grimm provides an update of the latest developments in search and social in Germany in the past few months.

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International SEO Lego Man

International SEO: How to be Effective in Languages You’re not Fluent in

18 June 2013

Doing SEO in a non-native language can be daunting. Ned Poulter shares his thoughts on the matter and provides tactics for effective multilingual SEO.

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