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Articles around international

Growing Global Image

Lessons Learned on Local Site Optimization & Increasing Online Conversions at Growing Global 2015

10 August 2015

As discussed in sessions at Growing Global 2015, learn more about localization and online conversions for international markets including lessons on language, brand and cultural nuances, use of images,...

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Michael Korkia

Global Marketing Strategy: How Hotels.com Approaches Russia

30 June 2015

This informative interview with Michael Korkia, senior marketing manager for Hotels.com, offers great insight for those optimizing foreign language websites and planning their marketing strategies in an international market...

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Consumer Behavior & Culture: Lessons Learned From Speaking Around The World

5 June 2015

Consumers behave differently in different parts of the world, learn how to respond to that and be succesfull. Here are lessons from speaking around the world, to be used...

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Build relationships with international customers

How To Improve International Website Conversion

12 November 2014

If you're serious about growing your business internationally, you need to consider some key factors to boost international website conversion.

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Be Selective

Key Considerations for International Social Media

24 April 2014

International Social Media campaigns can bring many benefits to a global business, if they are managed properly. There are some basic principles you can follow to ensure all your...

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Global Search Marketing

4 Global Search Statistics That Really Matter

3 April 2014

We hear a lot of facts and figures - but which ones really matter? These are some global digital statistics worth paying attention too!

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China Social Network

Chinese Social Media: In China It Is Not About Facebook

27 December 2013

If you want to target a Chinese audience through social media, forget about Facebook and Twitter. This is a guide to the top Chinese social media platforms

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Maximising the Marketing Potential of Local Customs and Traditions

12 November 2013

Last week in the UK, you couldn’t walk into a shop without seeing a huge pile of (fairly dangerous looking) fireworks taking centre stage, and I received a variety...

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Spain & Search Marketing: The 7th Edition

8 August 2013

Aleyda Solis takes us through the Spain & Search Marketing Update for August

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3D User Content Crossword

Key Considerations for International Content Creation

25 April 2013

Creating decent content in multiple languages is going to take time and cost money, but doing it right will bring rewards.

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